Foreigner killed by electric shock in Sibu shipyard

Paramedics examining the victim's body.

SIBU, Sept 20: An Indonesian man died after being electrocuted at a shipyard in Sungai Sadit here, this morning.

The victim was identified as Andi Irfan, 20, from Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Sibu District Police Chief ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit disclosed the incident happened around 10.58am.

“We received a call from the public informing that a body was found near the banks of the Batang Rajang river near a shipbuilding and repair area at Jalan Sungai Maaw, Sungai Sadit here,” he added.

According to him, the body was found lifeless.

“Examination of the victim’s body showed that there were burns on the wrist and bruises on the body area believed to be due to electric shock.”

Stanley also revealed that prior to the incident, the victim had come to the shipyard to meet his compatriots.

It is believed he was electrocuted as he was walking around the area.

The victim’s body was sent to the Sibu Hospital mortuary where an autopsy will be carried out soon.

“An inspection conducted by Dr Fatin Nadzrah Abdul Rahman of Sibu Hospital found that there are no criminal elements involved in the incident, except electric shock. The Indonesian Consulate-General in Kuching will be informed for further action,” Stanley added.

“So far, we have ruled out any foul play in the incident and classify it as sudden death.” — DayakDaily