Floodwaters greet SK Sg Anak Selangau students on first day of school

The SK Sg Anak Selangau compound underwater.

By Wendy John

SIBU, Jan 2: The first day of school for students of SK Sg Anak Selangau in Selangau today was not a pleasant one as they found their school hit by flood.

Continuous rain had inundated the school with 0.65 metre of water.

According to the State Civil Defense Force in a statement today, only 68 per cent of the 71 students were in attendance, along with the school’s 10 teachers and 28 other supporting staff.

“We have standby two boats at the school in case of emergency,” the department said.

The students’ parents also remained at the school to monitor the flood situation as well as help out with the teachers if their assistance was needed.

With rain still pouring down, the water levels are expected to rise. —DayakDaily

Water levels are expected to rise with the continuous rain.