Floodwaters force Long Urun residents to seek refuge in farm huts

Floodwaters remain high at flood-prone Long Urun, Belaga since Tuesday.

KUCHING, Feb 7: Long Urun has been under water since yesterday, forcing the longhouse residents to seek refuge in their farm huts.

Hulu Rajang MP Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong said floodwaters have reached the floor of the longhouses at Long Urun, affecting between 300 to 400 residents.

The residents have moved to their farm huts which are on higher ground and will stay there until floodwaters subside.

“Long Urun is in a low-lying area and every year, the longhouses in the area face flooding.

“They are so used to it that they know what to do. Every year when the floodwaters reach the floor of their longhouses, they will evacuate to their farm huts,” Ugak told DayakDaily through the telephone.

Ugak said the longhouses at Long Urun were also affected by floods last month. This time, however, the flood situation at Long Urun was more serious, as compared to previous floods.

“The District Office has been notified and they will be sending aid to the longhouse folk there.

“The men from my office at my Hulu Rajang Service Centre will also be there, bringing food and water to the local people who are affected by flood,” said Ugak.

He said presently, the damages suffered by the longhouse folk has yet to be ascertained.

“I will continue to monitor the flood situation and see if they need assistance to overcome the damages brought about by floodwaters after the floods subside,” said Ugak. — DayakDaily