Fire safety in longhouses, a community firefighters’ responsibility

Mawan (3rd right) presenting registration certificate to one of the Bomba Komuniti leaders, witnessed by Jangan (4th right) and Mahmudin (2nd right)

By Nancy Nais

SARIKEI, Sept 13: Community firefighters (PBK) especially those in rural areas are strongly urged to practice what they have learned and trained in order to save properties and lives.

As this is part of their commitment when they chose to be part of the PBK, Pakan assemblyman Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom said they could assist Sarawak Fire and Rescue (Bomba) department not just to look after their own village but also their neighbours nearby.

“Practice what you’ve been trained. Share the knowledge that you’ve been taught. Work closely with Bomba in improving the safety of your homes.

“Through such cooperation, more longhouse communities will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on fire prevention and the importance of having a fire extinguisher to be used during an emergency,” Mawan said during the Merdeka @ Komuniti and Bomba Komuniti Bayong programme at Rh Tauan Gundi, Ulu Sarikei yesterday.

Ninety participants joining in the Bomba Komuniti programme held at Bayong, Ulu Sarikei on Sept 11, 2020.

Emphasising on fire safety in longhouses, he pointed that when a fire breaks out, PBK can immediately respond and help before the arrival of firefighters, which may take quite some time because many longhouses are located far inland.

A total of 90 participants from Tanjung Lengain, Wong Batang, Genting Kerupok, Sg Sibau Bayong, Rh Mering, Sg Bian, Rh Panggai Sg Dayat, Rh Janda Sg Stapang Bayong and Munggu Embawang participated in the Bomba Komuniti programme held at Bayong, Ulu Sarikei on Sept 11.

Sarikei fire station, led by its chief PPgB Mahmudin Narudin and his team were tasked to conduct the one day training for their new members.

At the same time, a team of volunteer firefighters from Lubok Lemba also assisted Mahmudin that day.

Bomba Komuniti participants getting their ‘hands-on” training on how to put out a kitchen fire.

Meanwhile, Sibu zone chief PgKB I Jangan Muling, in a statement, said Bomba Sibu Zone will continue to forge closer ties between the department and local communities through the expansion of their community firefighting programme.

This he said, includes providing basic training on how to prevent fire, and if there is a fire, how to control it from destroying their homes.

During the programme, Mawan also donated 10 units of fire extinguisher for Rh Tauan Gundi.-DayakDaily