Fire damages 70 per cent of two-storey house

Firefighters entering the house for overhauling work after extinguishing the flame.

SERIAN, Dec 14: A two-storey house occupied by a family of five in Jalan Beringin in Kampung Paon Gahat here was 70 per cent damaged in a fire incident today.

State Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Operation Centre said they received a call from the Emergency Medical Rescue Service (EMRS) regarding the incident and firefighters from Bomba Serian was rushed to the scene.

“Upon arrival, firefighters discovered that fire had already engulfed about 70 per cent of the house, which is believed to have started on the upper floor of the house,” the statement said.

Firefighters immediately worked to extinguish the flames utilising two open nozzles and a 200-feet divider through an open water source.

“The flame was fully extinguished in two minutes, and only the kitchen area was spared from the fire,” the statement added.

No casualty was reported and firefighters also carried out an overhaul operation to ensure that the area is safe.