Fees imposed on foreigners and Malaysian returnees for Covid-19 swab test


By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, July 3: Fees will be imposed on foreigners and Malaysian returnees from overseas upon their arrival into the country to undergo the swab test for Covid-19.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba in a press statement today said in line with the enforcement of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases 2020 for fees imposed to detect Covid-19, the Health Ministry has set the charges for Covid-19 swab test which was effective June 29.

He said any Malaysians or foreigners entering Malaysia from overseas must pay fees for Covid-19 swab test before being given clearance by the Immigration Department at any entry point of the country.

Dr Adham said the fees for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for Malaysian returnees will be RM150 while for foreigners will be RM250.

He added that for antigen Rapid Test Kit (RTK), the fees for Malaysian returnees will be RM60 while for foreigners, it will be RM120.

Dr Adham revealed that the fees for RTK antibody will be RM30 for Malaysian returnees and RM60 for foreigners.

The fees for Covid-19 swab test as set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Dr Adham said the Health Ministry will either use RTK antigen or PCR test to detect Covid-19 at any of the country’s entry points depending on its suitability.

He added the RTK antibody will be used for individuals who are on home quarantine and their swab test will be taken on the 13th day before being given clearance on the 14th day.

Dr Adham said any Malaysian or foreigner in the country can request for Covid-19 swab test at any public hospitals and government clinics.

He added they are required to pay the fees for the Covid-19 swab test.

Nonetheless, Dr Adham said certain categories of people from overseas coming to Malaysia are exempted from paying the fees for Covid-19 swab test.

They are government officers who return from overseas due to official duties and they are required to present their referral letters.

Another category is disabled persons who are coming back to Malaysia and they are required to present their persons with disability cards.

Apart from that, Dr Adham said Malaysian overseas students with sponsorship returning to Malaysia for the first were exempted to pay for the Covid-19 swab test.

Nevertheless, he added those students will be required to present their letters of studies from their schools.  —DayakDaily