Fancy celebrating your birthday at a fire station?

Fahd (front row left) and Murya (centre), celebrated their birthday with friends and family members at Tabuan Jaya fire station.

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, Feb 8: Birthdays by the beach, or even at a poolside are quite common, but a children’s party at a fire station involving real firemen driving real fire engines?

Wishful thinking some might say, but Fire and Rescue department has indeed been making it possible for kids, and if parents want to scout for an out-of-the-ordinary venue, then this is the place to go to.

Today, not only Muhammad Fahd Al Mueaqly, 4, and Muhammad Murya Al Sudais, 7, got a birthday bash organised at Tabuan Jaya fire station, all of the little guests also attended a safety drill, ride on fire engine, hold a fire hose and other real-life equipment.

For the first time, these children also got something they don’t get anywhere else – a private tour of the fire station, a free ride atop a fire truck with all lights and siren flashing.

What’s more, they even got the chance to use real 3kg fire extinguisher to put out a real fire, with the help of several firefighters of course.

Tabuan Jaya fire station chief TPgB Faizal Saari said the department gave opportunities and avenue for those who are interested to celebrate their children’s birthday.

“This is one of our ways to develop an alert attitude to fire risk by showing, teaching young ones first-hand fire safety, prevention and understand how firefighters work. We gave them the real but fun exposure on what to do, such as ‘stop, drop, roll’ in case there is fire on their clothes,” Faizal added.

Firefighters also set up a small fire so that the children get to use real fire extinguisher to douse it.

Fahd and Murya’s father Mohammed Amin Adenan said his youngest son loves fire trucks and he is always in awe when he saw firefighters in their camouflage uniform.

“Fahd even have a whole lot of collection at home. In fact, their school is very near to this fire station. Each time we drove passed it, Fahd will ask to go visit. So this year, we decided to celebrate their birthdays here.

“Let the children enjoy an extraordinary party and at the same time, our children and their friends get some invaluable real life lessons,” he told Dayak Daily today, adding that it was truly a unique experience, even for the adults. —DayakDaily

Faizal (right) with his little guests at the fire station.
Children understanding the ‘stop, drop roll’ concept.
Children experiencing their first fire truck ride.
Young ones taking turn to hold a fire hose and play with water.