Face political realities, PBDSB leader urges Sarawakians

Sylvia John

KUCHING, Dec 31: Sarawakians must wake up to the political realities facing the state and country today.

Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB) Women chief Sylvia John said Sarawakians, in general, were no longer like they were before, but not many of them want to accept what history has revealed to them.

“It is a fact and also a reality that Malaya cannot survive without Sarawak and Sabah,” she said in a statement issued today.

“Malaysia will not be able to have its development for the past 55 years if Malaya had not leveraged on an agreement that benefits them at best.

“Maybe Singapore was well aware of the (final) outcome to what Sarawak is facing today.”

Sylvia emphasised that the most important thing for Sarawakians now is that they must know why their state has become a `trophy’ for Malaya today and why its autonomous rights are being politicised instead of being honoured.

“There is no doubt that the Dayak community has proven to be the kingmakers for political success for the last 55 years. Will the Dayaks finally stand up and be the defenders of Sarawak or serve Sarawak in a platter to Malaya (again)? 

“This is a question only true Dayak Sarawakians can answer,” she said.

On the recent statement made by State Reform Party (STAR) president Lina Soo and published by DayakDaily under the headline `Is Sarawak a trophy to be won?’ Sylvia said her party concurred and supported the views of Soo with regards to the political tribulations from all quarters.

“Lina pointed out the facts correctly when she said Malayan political parties had unabashedly declared their political fight upon Sarawak with their `Tawan Sarawak!’ battle cry, while Sarawak opposition parties are also struggling to get rid of the current political coalition known as GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) in the next state election (due in 2021),” said Sylvia.

She added that Soo was also right to lament about the oil and gas worth billions of ringgit being spirited away every year to swell the federal coffers and fund the development of Malaya and also its corruption. In addition, Putrajaya had not only cancelled many of the projects approved for Sarawak but reduced its allocations as well. 

“It is rather obvious now that even with a new federal government, the idealism of the actual concept and its intention have never changed,” said Sylvia. — DayakDaily