Face of a longhouse hero

Heroic teenager Alexsidi Wifred who saved his longhouse from a fiery fate.

By Nancy Nais

KANOWIT, Dec 15: A 13-year-old teenager’s alertness and knowing how to use a fire extinguisher (APA) saved his longhouse from a Christmas tragedy today.

A kitchen fire could have spread and razed the 13-door Rh Andreas in Nanga Lipus this evening if it was not for Alexsidi Wifred who immediately grabbed a 9kg APA upon being aware of the incident.

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Kanowit station chief PPgB Arrahman Chik said fortunately the fire which started from either door (pintu) number 12 or 13 was successfully extinguished by Alexsidi.

They received the distress call at 6.23pm and thereafter rushed 11 firefighters to the scene, located 22km away.

Firefighters inspecting the scene.

In congratulating Alexsidi and longhouse residents, Arrahman said the teenager learnt how to use APA from a Bomba education awareness programme held at his school.

“That is why it is important for longhouses to have APAs and its residents must know how to use them. This is crucial especially in rural areas where fire stations are located far away from villages.

“Bomba will continue its programme to educate people from all ages on fire safety, prevention and awareness,” Arrahman said.

Thanks to Alexsidi’s quick thinking, the fire only destroyed about 10 per cent of the kitchen area belonging to two ‘pintu’ No injuries were reported. — DayakDaily