EC: No new voting procedures to be introduced for GE14

Sign outside polling station. — file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

KUCHING, Feb 20: The Election Commission (EC) has clarified that no new procedure will be introduced in the voting process for the coming 14th General Election (GE14).

The clarification comes on the heels of confusion and misunderstanding in relation to media reports on Feb 18 that the EC will introduce a ‘finger massage’ method in GE14 to avoid any fraud during the polling process.

In a press statement yesterday, EC said the misunderstanding took place during a media briefing session in Kuantan on Feb 14.


“The EC would like to clarify that the method is not a specific procedure or regulation set by the EC, but it is in fact one of the ways for election officials to check voters’ fingers to identify fraudulent attempts (to vote) by using fake fingers during the voting process.

“This is in accordance with Rule 19 (13) and 19A of the Election Regulations (Election Conduct) Act 1981, which clearly requires the voter’s fingers to be examined. Finger checks are made to ensure that there is no election ink as well as any obstacles such as fake gloves that enable the ink to stick to the voter’s fingers. This method is not a new process as it was used in GE13 and it will be used in GE14.”

The EC also said in the GE14, they will adopt the ‘finger-rolling’ method in place of ‘finger-cutting’ methods, similar as used for GE13 and Sarawak’s 11th state election.

“All parties should not be confused or regard the fingertip techniques as a new rule. It is one of the suggested methods to check and detect (irregularies with regards to) voter’s fingers in case of any suspicious attempts of using fake fingers,” EC said .

On Feb 14, Bernama reported that EC General Election Academy Registrar Nik Aminudin Nik Shahar Shah said through the new procedure, clerks working at the polling station would examine voters’ fingers more carefully to ensure they did not wear gloves or had ink stains on them.

“The clerk on duty will wear gloves to check the fingers of the voters before they are allowed to dip their finger in the indelible ink bottle, and this is the measure we have taken as now there are many artificial finger gloves. At the same time, it is to further improve procedures in the voting process to prevent any fraud,” Nik Aminudin said. — DayakDaily