Don’t be a busybody, PRS Youth tells Rayong

Andy Lawrence

KUCHING, Feb 28: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth expressed their dismay over United People’s Party (UPP) youth chief Johnical Rayong’s interference into the party’s affairs.

PRS Youth information chief Councillor Andy Lawrence said Rayong has no locus standi to interfere into any Barisan Nasional (BN) component party’s matter as the latter is not even from a BN component party.

“Rayong should keep his mouth shut, rather than continue to interfere with a BN party’s internal affair. He is not even from a BN party.

“He should behave until the BN candidate in Lubok Antu is announced. It is premature for him to declare his support now,” said Andy in a statement today.

“As the Youth Chief of UPP, Rayong should concentrate his energy to help the reconciliation between SUPP (Sarawak United Peoples’ Party) and UPP instead, or perhaps, he is too old to understand the aspiration of the young people?”

Andy was responding to an article carried by a local news portal which reported that Rayong again expressed his support for the candidacy of Datuk William Nyallau Badak to defend the Lubok Antu parliamentary seat in the upcoming general election.

Rayong was quoted as saying that the constituents did not want any outsiders to represent them and Nyallau still commands supports from the ground.

PRS until now, has yet to announce the candidates for Lubok Antu and Selangau.

The party in total holds six parliamentary seats namely Kanowit, Julau, Sri Aman, Hulu Rajang, Selangau and Lubok Antu.

It has been widely rumoured that both Nyallau and Selangau MP Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun will be dropped from the candidate list after PRS president Tan Sri James Jemut Masing announced the candidacy for the other four constituencies of Kanowit, Julau, Sri Aman and Hulu Rajang but kept mum on these two seats.

Since then, Rayong had on numerous occasions been seen to be lobbying for Nyallau.

Nyallau became Lubok Antu MP in 2008 after defeating Nicholas Bawin Anggat with a majority of 1,610 votes.

In 2013, against Sarawak Workers Party president Larry Sng, Nyallau managed to poll 8,278 votes against Sng’s 4,187 to defend the seat. — DayakDaily