Discover the attractions of Red Beach in Panjin, China

PANJIN, China: Red Beach, considered to be the world’s top marshland by area, has entered its best season.

The seepweed growing along its shoreline has taken on a crimson red hue while flocks of birds hover above the water, chirping between the reeds.

This landscape in Panjin City of Liaoning Province is one of China’s earliest exemplary destinations for wetland tourism and boasts a distinctive beauty that can be found nowhere else across the world.

The red color of the marshland is very rare as the seepweed common to coastal areas is green. A recreational wooden path, possibly the most fabulous one of its kind in China, has been built for tourists to mingle with waterfowls, enjoy the fantastic wetland views and experience rich and profound local culture.

In this land of fish and rice, an exclusive culinary culture has been developed over the years. A spectacular winter fishing event is held every year in nearby Wolong Lake. For local residents, the event is more of a recognition of nature and an expression of their attachment to the river water.

The wetland provides a superior environment for rice to grow. With mitten crabs dwelling in the paddy fields, the single-season rice there has a growing period of 186 days. This rice was actually designated as the official rice of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games.

Cattail bamboo shoots or Pusun in Chinese is a plant native to the lower reaches of the Liaohe River. Pusun is very sensitive to its environment, can only grow wild and has a very low yield. The nutrient-rich food is increasingly being sought after by more people.

Red Beach sees the perfect blend of natural scenery and industrial development. Panjin is a famous oil city. In the vicinity of the scenic spot, there are rows of derricks and extraction equipment. Thanks to strict clean production practice, no single oil stain can be found on the production platforms.

It is a fantastic getaway where vacationers can do more than sightsee. They can experience ecological agriculture, visit paddy fields to see crop pictures and even have their own customised croplands. Specialising in the use of bio-energy, the local resort offers a splendid environment-friendly rural scenery. — Bernama