DBKU demands Dapsy issue apology, remove stickers from road signs

Abdul Rahman (centre) showing the police report at a press conference. Also seen are DBKU Mayor Datu Junaidi Reduan (left) and DBKU director Dr Morshidi Ahmad.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Aug 21: Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) has demanded that Dapsy immediately remove the Chinese character stickers on the road signages for Jalan Main Bazaar, Wayang Street and Jalan Green Hill as well as issue an open apology for their actions.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister Department (Islamic Affairs and DBKU) Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi today characterised their actions as vandalism.

“As such, DBKU has lodged a police report at the Central Police Station followed by giving statements at the Kuching District Police Headquarters.

“DBKU regrets the actions of the individuals who belonged to a political party as they should be well aware of the existing law and regulations,” he addressed the issue in a press conference today.

Abdul Rahman, who is also Assistant Minister of Utilities (Water Supply), pointed out that their actions implicated disrespect for the law, the local authorities and as if challenging DBKU to take legal actions.

“The wider implication of their actions is that it could cause tension among the races. Sarawak has many languages and if Mandarin other than the National Language (Bahasa Malaysia) is used, for sure others will also want their respective languages (like Iban, Jawi, Bidayuh and others) to be included.

“Bahasa Malaysia is the National Language in the Federal Constitution. People are free to use other languages but in the context of street signages in Kuching North City, it is better to just use one language to represent all races and adopted by all walks of life,” he emphasised.

Regardless of the motive, either implicit or explicit, DBKU hopes that no other parties will repeat the wrongdoings which were provocative and could affect the harmonious living among people in this diverse community.

“DBKU hopes that the involved parties will be fully responsible in the matter,” he added.

On whether the group has approached DBKU to highlight this request to have dual languages for road signages, Abdul Rahman said DBKU had not received or held discussions and meetings with the parties.

If Dapsy failed to meet DBKU’s demand, he said they would leave it to the police to carry out the investigation first before deciding on the further actions to be taken.

“I will also discuss with the DBKU Mayor and director whether to get our enforcement to remove the stickers as soon as possible, if actions have not been taken by the group after following up with the police,” he said.

Abdul Rahman, however, pointed out that DBKU is open to suggestions from the public in managing Kuching North city.

“We welcome them (Dapsy) to come and discuss with us but the decision is up to the top management of DBKU. As such, we hope that those who put forward their proposals can respect the decision of DBKU,” he added.

Democratic Action Party Kuching Socialist Youths (Dapsy) members’ had yesterday attached Chinese character stickers on the road signages for Jalan Main Bazaar, Wayang Street and Jalan Green Hill here, which they alleged had been omitted by DBKU.

Their actions had instantly drawn backlash from youth leaders of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) yesterday.

The action is also an offence under Section 103 (3), Local Authorities Ordinance, 1966 for impairing the name of street signages as well as under By-Law 22, Local Authorities (Cleanliness) By-Law, 1999 on properties belonging to local authorities or the government.—DayakDaily