“Dapsy’s action is tantamount to public property vandalism”

Michael Tiang

SIBU, Aug 21: Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth (Dapsy)’s action of putting up Chinese characters on road signs of Jalan Main Bazaar, Wayang Street and Jalan Greenhill in Kuching City is tantamount to vandalism of public property.

A political secretary to the Chief Minister, Michael Tiang said today that regardless of whether one belongs to any political party or not, such action is classified as vandalism of public property.

“The DAP has taken the matter into their own hand and is consider vandalising the property of local authority and in this case DBKU (Kuching North City Commission),” he said.

Tiang said DAP had no good reason to justify for their action and it showed that “they are challenging the local authority as it was not a civil way of doing things.”

He added that DAP had always talked about respecting laws and orders and the act of putting up Chinese characters on the road signs without the permission of DBKU, showed that they defied what they preached.

“This is a very bad demonstration of political behaviour,” he said.

Tiang said he always encouraged the people to communicate with the local authority should they have any grievances or proposals to make.

One could also appeal to the local  authority on matters related to council services.

“If communication with local authority fails, then you can criticise but certainly not by vandalising public property,” he added.-DayakDaily