DAP can politicise anything, says Tiong amid Sibu Sunday market debate

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

KUCHING, July 10: If Democratic Action Party (DAP) could treat education like a political football, the party could politicise any subject, claimed Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

Tiong said that besides reneging on their promises during Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) short-lived administration, DAP had spent no effort on Chinese education matters, had instigated controversy in the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College allocation issue and toyed with the future of Malaysian children’s education.

“If they can treat education as a political football, what more other subjects? Wong (DAP’s Pelawan assemblyman David Wong) must reconsider his words wisely, instead of making baseless and misleading statements that serve only his political ambition.

“Through all this, I am sorely disappointed with Wong’s behaviour. He merely spends his time incessantly discrediting the Sarawak government but the Pakatan Harapan leaders to him are beyond reproach,” said Tiong in a press statement today.

Tiong was responding to Wong who had accused Tiong of misleading the people in the Sibu Sunday Market issue and had challenged Tiong for a debate. Wong had also described Tiong as “ignorant” for accusing the former of using the issue faced by the Sibu Sunday Market hawkers to gain political mileage.

“I would thank Wong for his invitation to a debate but it would be a meaningless event. But to speak of the education industry after the PH’s treatment of it, it is much better for us to spend our energies fixing the damage.

“Wong might want to spend some time defending his DAP leaders who are embroiled in the Penang Undersea Tunnel scandal. Or the former political secretary of Mat Sabu, chairman of Amanah, who is suspected of bribery worth millions?”

“Would Wong care to explain these issues to us? Would these issues bring catastrophe to our country?” said Tiong.

On the relocation of Sibu Sunday market, Tiong who is also Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China agreed with Wong that a win-win situation must be reached between the hawkers and the city council.

However, Tiong said it remained to be seen whether Wong was actually pursuing this for its own merits or to gain political mileage to further his own agenda.

“Instead of repeatedly antagonising the traders, he should fulfil his responsibilities to mediate between the people and the government agencies and encourage a deeper understanding of the relocation plan for the Sunday market.

“I need to stress that I do not favour any party over others in this matter nor should there be. I do hope however that the hawkers and traders in the Sunday market will not be misled or manipulated by politicians. They should be treated fairly and given information transparently,” said the Bintulu MP.

He said both Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) and the traders must discuss and review the most suitable location that can alleviate the issue of parking congestion and improve the conditions for the hawkers and traders.

“For this, the authorities (SMC) should consult them for their (the hawkers’) feedback,” said Tiong.—DayakDaily