Customs Dept: Over RM3 mln in seizures recorded in Miri so far in 2024

Yahya (centre), Sargandang (second left), and others showing local media the seized drugs during a press conference in Miri on May 31, 2024.

By Tedong Rantayy

MIRI, May 31: The Miri Customs Department has made significant strides in combating smuggling activities, successfully confiscating contraband cigarettes, liquors, and drugs worth RM3,128,914.04 from January to May 25 this year.

In a press conference held today, Sarawak Customs Department director Norizan Yahya, accompanied by the head of the Miri Station Customs, Sargandang Liman, reported a total of 60 cases involving seized goods valued at RM1,060,674.20, with associated taxes amounting to RM2,068,239.84.


One notable raid took place on May 7 at a store in Sepupok New Township, in Niah, where Customs officers discovered 570,000 sticks of various brands of illicit cigarettes, valued at RM41,200, with duties and taxes estimated at RM380,320.

The raid followed a meticulous operation where officers waited for several hours for the storekeeper, who never arrived.

The Miri Customs Department’s efforts also included thwarting 18 attempts to smuggle drugs via air and land routes.

The seized drugs, including Methamphetamine, Ecstasy pills, and marijuana, weighed a total of 22.58kg and were valued at RM552,261.43.

This is in addition to four packets of marijuana, each weighing 1kg, found during various operations.

The drug cases are being investigated under several sections of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, which carry severe penalties, including life imprisonment and mandatory whipping. Meanwhile, contraband cigarettes and liquor cases are handled under the Customs Act 1967, with potential fines and imprisonment for those convicted.

In addition to drugs and cigarettes, the department has also dealt with undeclared dutiable goods found in a courier delivery company valued at RM236,322.59.

Moreover, 148 cases involved foreign vehicles from Brunei Darussalam abusing tax exemption facilities, with estimated tax losses of RM1,075,932.

Norizan commended the dedication and diligence of the Miri Customs officers, attributing their success to persistent and strategic enforcement operations.

“The department remains committed to continuing its rigorous efforts to safeguard the nation’s borders and uphold the law,” he said. — DayakDaily

The seized contrabands shown during the press conference in Miri on May 31, 2024.