Crucial to consult local reps before deciding on relocating Long Lama Health Clinic — Sibuti MP

By Tedong Rantayy

MIRI, April 25: Deputy Minister of Health Malaysia, Dato Lukanisman Awang Sauni, emphasised the importance of thorough planning and consultation with local representatives (YBs), regarding the possibility of relocating the Long Lama Health Clinic to a new site.

He highlighted the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) proposal to explore options for either preserving the existing clinic or implementing a more comprehensive approach for a Type 3 health clinic in Long Lama.


The Sibuti MP said this today, in response to local media inquiry on the possibility of relocating the Long Lama Health Clinic.

Regarding the potential new site, Lukanisman mentioned the necessity of considering alternative locations, especially if the current site still faces risks such as erosion.

He emphasised the importance of safety and continuity of services, stating that if the site is deemed unsafe by Public Works Department (JKR), then a new location must be sought.

In addressing the immediate need for healthcare services, Lukanisman gave assurance that the ministry is committed to ensuring uninterrupted service provision through the Long Lama interim clinic, while long-term plans are being developed and finalised.

“By situating the interim clinic near the community hall, accessibility to healthcare services will be maximised for residents. Additionally, the planned upgrades to the community hall will enhance the overall experience for patients seeking medical assistance,” he told the local media.

Lukanisman was met after the launching of 1st Northern Sarawak Patient Bood Management Miri Workshop 2024 in Miri at a hotel here.

In November last year, MOH announced plans to build an interim clinic in Long Lama, Baram using the container cabin system pending repair works on the existing clinic.

In a written reply to a question raised by Baram MP Datuk Anyi Ngau in Parliament on Nov 15, 2023, MOH said the Sarawak Health Department (JKNS) and State government are in the process of identifying a suitable site to build the interim clinic.

The Long Lama Health Clinic is currently operating at the Long Lama community hall after its original premises was shut down in July 2020, due to soil erosion that caused structural damage to parts of the building. — DayakDaily