Covid-19 kills two, now in 17 districts in Sarawak

Covid-19 statistics for Sarawak as at Jan 24, 2021. Graphics courtesy of SDMC.

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By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Jan 24: Two Sarawakians, a 91-year-old male and a 53-year-old female were reported as the state’s latest Covid-19 fatalities as the coronavirus continued to its march across 17 districts in Sarawak today.

As the Covid-19 death tally climbed up to 28, the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) reported a total of 255 new cases for the day.

Fatalities number 27 and 28 who were both from the Pasai Cluster in Sibu had co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, heart disease and stroke.

Case 27 was confirmed to have passed away at 11.47pm on Jan 20, and Case 28 at 4.31am on Jan 23, both at the Sibu Hospital.

Districts in the state seeing increases in positive cases are Sibu with 71 new cases, Miri (57), Kanowit (30), Song (27), Betong (14), Dalat (9), Bintulu (9), Serian (8), Subis (8), Sarikei (5), Matu (5), Kapit (3), Sebauh (3), Kuching (2), Beluru (2), Bukit Mabong (1) dan Tatau (1).

Of this, 42 cases in Sibu are related to the Pasai Cluster while another 29 were symptomatic individuals who went for tests at the Sibu health centre.

25 cases in Miri were detected via symptomatic testing, and 32 others from active clusters in the state. Rakut Cluster recorded 21 cases in the district, Jelita Cluster (6), Pasai Cluster (4) and Bah Sayap Cluster (1).

Four cases in Bintulu were related to the Rakut Cluster and three to the Pasai Cluster while two more involved symptomatic patients who were swabbed.

Meanwhile, 87 other cases traced back to the Pasai Cluster were found in Kanowit (30), Song (27), Betong (13), Subis (8), Dalat (7), Sarikei (1), and Kapit (1).

As for symptomatic cases other than in Sibu, Miri and Bintulu, there were 22 other cases scattered across Matu (5), Sarikei (4), Sebauh (3), Dalat (2), Kapit (2), Beluru (2), Betong (1), Kuching (1), Bukit Mabong (1) and Tatau (1).

Out of the 22, six were import cases from other districts while the remaining 16 were local transmission cases.

Eight new cases detected today in Serian and one case in Kuching were close contacts of Covid-19 patients.

With 255 new Covid-19 cases today, the cumulative number of Covid-19 cases in Sarawak now stands at 3,379.

SDMC, in its daily Covid-19 statement, also reported 107 new recoveries who have been discharged from Sibu Hospital (96), Miri Hospital (6) and Sarawak General Hospital (5) while 1,647 patients are still receiving treatment in hospitals across the state.

There are 379 new Person-Under-Investigation (PUI) cases and 101 cases awaiting laboratory test results.

There are also 508 Persons-Under-Surveillance (PUS) who were registered into various hotels across Sarawak to be quarantined, and a total of 5,549 individuals under quarantine in 74 hotels throughout Sarawak. So far, 55,615 PUS have completed their 14-day quarantine. — DayakDaily