Coliseum-like Cebulan Valley to be developed into major tourist attraction in Bau

Harry exploring the Cebulan Valley last Monday. Photo credit: Ukas

By Karen Bong

BAU, March 3: The unique coliseum-like Cebulan Valley in the Taiton area will become Bau’s new major tourist attraction as plans are in the works to develop the natural surroundings which have been left untouched since the end of the gold rush era.

Located within a ten-minutes drive from Bau town, the Cebulan Valley is an old gold mining site that lies surrounded by limestone mountain ranges at the fringe of the Dered Krian National Park.


The stunning valley cuts between mighty rock walls surrounded by lush greenery. Inside, a concrete pond used for cleaning gold has been abandoned. A 10-minute flat forest walk from the junction also leads to a waterfall with a clear stream running nearby.

The stunning valley cuts between mighty rock walls surrounded by lush greenery.

Deputy Minister of Transport Dato Henry Harry Jinep pointed out that this new tourism product will add to the many attractions already established within Bau towards accomplishing the Greater Bau development master plan.

“It is a former gold mining area sandwiched between the Dered Krian National Park and mountain ranges in the Taiton area that make it look like a natural coliseum.

“It is a very special and unique place but has been abandoned for a long time. It will be a waste to leave it behind just like that and so we are thinking of ways to transform this neglected place into good use,” he told DayakDaily when contacted today.

The ultimate idea, he emphasised, is to create connectivity to all the destinations within Bau so that visitors and tourists can hop from Siniawan to Tasik Biru to Cebulan Valley to Mount Singai and even head down to Serikin.

The abandoned concrete pond once use for cleaning gold.

The Tasik Biru assemblyman is proposing for an outdoor stage of international standard to be built for events including concerts, while the abandoned concrete pond can be converted into a pool for fish spa therapy.

“It is important to create a place for socio-economic activities as well as other necessary facilities for the convenience of visitors and tourists, like a boardwalk.

“Also, we want to engage the local community and NGOs to be part of the transformation to turn the area into a tourist destination,” he revealed.

Harry had visited the area together with officers from the Public Works Department (JKR), Bau Council, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and professionals in the field of jungle and forest conservations last Monday.

Harry together with officers and representative from various agencies visiting the valley.

“The visit was for fact finding, so that we can plan for what can be done for this area.

“I am getting the community to clear all the undergrowth so that we can have a better view of the landscape to plan the facilities needed,” he said.

All the planning, he added, will be coordinated with the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC), Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts, local councils and district office.

“We will preserve the forest and natural surroundings because what we need is just a sizable space for the stage,” he assured. — DayakDaily

A map pinpointing the location of Cebulan Valley, which is just a 10-minutes drive from Bau town.