Chinese national wife murder: ‘No human DNA in meat found in freezer’

The accused being escorted by a police officer.

By Dorcas Ting

KUCHING, Sept 20: There was no human DNA in the meat found in the refrigerator of the suspect, said a scientific officer testifying in the trial of Wong Zing Haw.

The officer, from the Department of Chemistry Malaysia, confirmed that no human meat was found, although it was not mentioned what type of meat were found in the freezer.

Wong, a pharmacist from Sri Aman, was accused of murdering his Chinese national wife, Yang Xi, 31, in March last year.

Prior to this, there were rumours circulating that the suspect had stored the deceased’s meat in the freezer.

However, the chemist, Rina Monawi @ Razak, working in the  Serology/Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) of the Forensic Division, confirmed at the Kuching High Court, today, that no human DNA were found in the meat.

When asked by DPP Musli Abdul Hamid what are the meat found in the refrigerator, Rina said these are unknown meat.

She said that she had done DNA test on these meat and confirmed that it was not human meat. She did not carry out further examination to find out what meat it was. Rina also confirmed that there are bones attached to some of these meat.

Strands of hair were found on a mop and a few iron chains and a bulb were found on the chopping board bearing blood stains. The officer confirmed the hair were human hair, but she did not analyse its DNA to find out whose hair are those.

The DPP said lemons, garlic and ginger soaked in fluid were found in a freezer and asked Rina whether these components can affect human DNA, in which the officer replied she does not know.

The DPP asked whether lemon is acidic, to which Rina replied “yes, it is”.

The prosecutor questioned further, whether it would destroy or degrade traces of DNA. To this, Rina said lemon is acidic but not to the extend it could destroy human DNA.

Rina also confirmed that hypochlorite can destroy DNA traces but she is not sure how fast can hypochlorite destroy DNA evidence.

Wong, 41, is accused for committing the crime between Feb 25 and March 3, 2018. He was arrested on March 4, 2018, after the police found several inconsistencies in his statement regarding the disappearance of his wife, whom he claimed had run away a few days prior.

He is charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code, which provides for the mandatory death penalty upon conviction.

The accused is represented by government assigned counsels, Jubilant Austinway and Mohamad Fairus Masri. — DayakDaily