Charity cards by PERKATA children available for sale at Secret Recipe

Drawing is a joyful and satisfying activity for Dermatrus Duendell Albert.

KUCHING: A collection of unique artwork created by special children from the PERKATA Special School here is available for sale at all Kuching Secret Recipe outlets from today onwards until January 2018.

According to a press release, these artworks, depicting animals, insects, reflections of daily life and festive greetings, using mainly colour pencils, are the original work of two students from PERKATA.

Dermatrus Duendell Albert, 17, creates most of his artwork from scratch, such as spiders through his imagination and moving vehicles witnessed in daily life. He has intellectual disability with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and speech delay. Drawing is one of Dermatrus’s favourite activities.

Another special child, Jacky Lee, 16, has congenital joint contracture and is a slower learner. Drawing is categorically more challenging for him but Jacky has nevertheless found his passion. He has created a series of four greeting cards, for both Christmas and Chinese New Year, for the charity sale.

Each set of four cards is priced at RM9.90.

A collection of unique artwork created by special children from PERKATA Special School in Kuching is available for sale at all Kuching Secret Recipe outlets.

All proceeds from this public charity sale, held for the first time since the school was established more than three decades ago, will go towards the school, the first special school for children in Kuching.

Part of the proceeds will be used for the school’s daily operation that relies on public donations, while another part of it will be directed to rehabilitation needs and also to nurture art skills among its students.

Dermatrus and Jacky are among the 130 students from the PERKATA Special School here which is operated by the Sarawak Association for the Welfare of Intellectually Disabled Children.

The school which is open on weekdays has nine classes for children from four to 17-years-old.

Two of the nine classes are especially for cerebral palsy children with help from two additional therapists; one physiotherapist and one occupational therapist.

The therapists, who were moved by the children’s talents, are the ones who initiated this charity card sale, the first of its kind to raise funds for the school’s activities and the children.

“In fact, all special children need early intervention. They need to start therapy early, they need special education and rehabilitation. We hope the kids can become more independent eventually, especially before they leave the school after reaching the age of 17-years-old,” said occupational therapist Cindy Yong.

With limited space, the school can only accept a few students per year based on vacancies. The background of the students varies; some live in the city while others are from out-of-town and live in Cheshire Home. Many are from single parent families.

The students have been diagnosed with various conditions, including Down’s syndrome, autism, various types of brain damage, hearing or speech impairment, behavioural problems and those who are physically challenged.

The physiotherapist behind this charity sale, Lee Li Sian, hopes that the children could eventually make a living from creating this special art, as most of the students, after they leave the school, will have difficulty finding jobs and some would have nowhere to go other than staying home.

Hence, one of the main objectives is to nurture and develop art skills among the students, so the funds raised will be used to develop their artistic talent and to buy art materials.

“We hope the kids can learn more and enjoy drawing,” said Lee, adding that they hope to encourage children with disabilities to be more independent and eventually make a living from creating art after they leave school.

Secret Recipe is the main supporting sponsor and the cards will be available for sale at all of its 11 outlets.

Noor Afyza Abdullah the Honorary General-Secretary of Perkata hopes the public will support this charity drive as it goes towards a very noble cause.

“We would like to thank everyone in advance for making a difference in the lives of our children with special needs and also special thanks to the two therapists for their hearts of gold as they serve in our school.”

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