Brothers of missing Sarawakian soldiers lambast MAF for zero communication

From left, Morni, Thony and James speaking to reporters at a press conference today (Aug 5, 2019).

KUCHING, Aug 5: Family members of the missing Sarawakians soldiers expressed their disappointment over the lack of communication from the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) on the progress of the search and rescue (SAR) operation.

Sarawakian soldiers L/Cpl Moses Logers, 25, from Bau and Cpl David Edmund Rapi, 39, from Dalat have gone missing in Pulau Perak, Kedah since July 19 while on duty.

“Until today we haven’t received any information or updates from the MAF, and we feel that our welfare is being neglected.

“Our family members have been attempting to go over to Pulau Perak between July 22 and 27 because we wanted to meet with the person in charge (of the SAR operation) for updates, and we want to help in the SAR together with them.

“However that effort failed because there was no cooperation from the MAF side,” Moses’ brother, Thony Lino Logers, 34 told a press conference today.

Thony said they went to Kedah on their own with the cost of about RM10,000 to attempt to get to Pulau Perak but were not even given the permission to go to the island.

He said since the incident happened, not only that the MAF did not assist the family through the harrowing days but it did not even bother to set foot to visit the family of the two missing soldiers.

“We lodged a police report on July 28 at Arau Police Station there, hoping to at least get their attention to intensify SAR operation. But till today there has not been any updates.

“We call upon the relevant authorities to intensify SAR operation as we are confident that they are still alive, waiting to be found.

“They are serving in the MAF for the sake of the country’s security and sovereignty. The authorities cannot just let them be without putting more efforts,” said Thony.

Moses’ second brother James Mathew Loger, 31, said if SAR team actually made an effort and still could not find his missing brother, he could accept it.

“But so far there has been zero communication and updates from the MAF,” said James.

Meanwhile, David’s brother Morni Edmun Rapi, 41, said the latest update he got from the MAF was that SAR operation had only been carried out around the island.

“The police also just informed us that investigation is still ongoing when we lodged the police report in Kedah. We just want SAR operation be done properly,” he said.

On the statement of Minister for Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah on July 23 that Sarawak government was willing to offer assistance to the families of the missing soldiers, Morni said so far there has not been any assistance coming yet.

“What we want is for the relevant authorities to bring us to the frontlines of SAR operation and constantly update us on the progress.

“What we have been hearing is that the operation has been going on and off from time to time. This is making us anxious.  We just want proper updates. They have been lost for two weeks,” he said. — DayakDaily