Bayur Rural Growth Centre devt to start once Land and Survey Dept gives greenlight

Datuk Dr Jerip Susil

By Jacob Achoi

KUCHING, May 2: The development of Bayur Rural Growth Centre will start once Land and Survey Department (LSD) approves the land to be used for development purposes, says Deputy Minister of Transport (Aviation and Roads) Datuk Dr Jerip Susil.

He pointed out that the site for the project has been approved by the department and Sarawak Planning Authority (SPA).


“On Bayur Rural Growth Centre, the site has been approved, and we are still waiting for the approval from LSD only on the land for develop, and once that is approved, it will start,” the Mambong assemblyman told reporters today.

Earlier, he presented allocations under a special project grant totalling RM860,000 to 44 recipients at Padawan Sub-District Office, along Jalan Borneo Height, here.

Dr Jerip pointed out that the developer for the project has been identified, adding that the development of the centre will involve private sector participation in the housing project and commercial centre.

The components of the centre will include a petrol station and Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) Hall.

“For the development of the growth centre, it will become an Agropark and turned into a coffee campus, where we will have a coffee nursery and a cafe for coffee drinking,” Dr Jerip stressed.

According to him, land at Kampung Emperoh Jambu and Kampung Bra’ang Bayur has been allocated for a large scale coffee planting project that will become the anchor farm and is one of the components of the rural growth centre.

The rural growth centre will be under Greater Kuching Coordinated Development Agency’s (GKCDA) 2024 and 2025 projects, where Deputy Minister for Food Industry, Commodity and Regional Development Sarawak
(Commodity and Regional Development) Martin Ben has agreed to it.

On the name of the centre to be changed to Kota Penrissen, Dr Jerip said the letter pertaining to the matter has been submitted to the Premier’s office and is awaiting cabinet approval. — DayakDaily