Authorities urged to put feelings aside and listen to public feedback

Voon Lee Shan

KUCHING, Aug 11: The relevant authorities should not look at public criticism against them as defamatory even if it is hurtful, opines PBK president Voon Lee Shan.

Calling it the public’s rights to voice out their grievances if things are not right, Voon highlighted democracy demands a high standard of tolerance from law enforcement agencies to absorb criticism.

Citing a viral social media post alleging police incompetence in containing widespread gambling in a particular district, Voon pointed out that the authorities must have some level of tolerance if Malaysia wishes to progress.

“I was made to understand that some police officers were not happy about it. Why? Only themselves (sic) know the answer.

“I was once a police officer in that blue uniform before I joined legal practice. I have never compromised against gambling dens. I saw the evils (coming) out of it with broken homes, drugs, suicides, loan sharks, wives forced to sleep with loan sharks, mental breakdowns and prostitution associated with it,” the Party Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) leader explained.

He added that he doesn’t care if gambling operators claimed that the top brass in the police were their friends or they were connected in one way or another.

“We need to clean all law enforcement agencies of corruption and abuse of power. If I still have the legal power to act, I will be very pleased to go after the real crooks, and not the victims.

“The victims are the scapegoats and small fries (sic). We should not let the big fish swim in the river. They should be caught and fried in hot oil,” he added.

Meanwhile, Voon pleaded with the police force in Sarawak to constantly monitor gambling and loan sharks activities, and ensure officers involved should be severely dealt with. — DayakDaily