Aspirasi supports call for snap general election to end political turbulence

Lina Soo

KUCHING, June 22: Aspirasi agrees with Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaacob that a snap election is the answer to Malaysia’s current political turbulence.

Its president Lina Soo opined that an election will stop all ongoing political squabbling.

“I agree with Ismail. PN (Perikatan Nasional) can call for a snap election. Both PH (Pakatan Harapan) and PN should get a fresh mandate from the rakyat to claim legitimacy to govern the nation.

“The purpose of going back to the rakyat is for political stability. The nation is facing Covid-19 and an economic fallout from the pandemic.

“It is not healthy for a nation to indulge in political squabbling while the rakyat is suffering financial hardship. If the political instability continues, the rakyat will only suffer more.

“The only option is to dissolve Parliament to have another general election. After that the new government can get down to work to instil confidence, and manage the health threat and economic recovery so that the rakyat will not need to suffer longer,” the Sarawak People’s Aspiration Party (Aspirasi) president asserted in a press statement.

On Sarawak’s stance in facing political instability in the federal government which directly impacts Sarawak, Soo held the view that the Sarawak government must decide based on its interest as a whole, noting that Sarawak which has 31 seats would be the kingmaker.

“Whoever the Sarawak government decides to support must be in the best interests of Sarawak to get back our oil and gas resources, our territorial waters and all Sarawak’s rights.

“For now, political parties in Sarawak must continue to fight for Sarawak’s rights, and prepare for PRN12 (12th Sarawak Election), and PRU15 (15th General Election), instead of engaging in the never-ending Malayan political games of power struggles and musical chairs.”

She called on Sarawakian political leaders to continue to fight for Sarawak’s rights.

“We are separated by 1,000 miles of international seas. Sarawak political parties should think of serving the rakyat here, instead of pandering to Malayan politics and allowing them to dictate to us how to behave politically, which leaves a lot to be desired.

“Let Sarawak forge our own political destiny and let Sarawakians themselves determine how we want to choose our political, social and economic future,” Soo argued.

Ismail Sabri who is a Senior Minister-cum-Defence Minister was reported as stating yesterday the best way to resolve the political disability in the country is to call for a fresh general election.

He admitted that the present PN government is not a strong one due to its small majority in Parliament. — DayakDaily