Ang: Muslims’ sacrifice of celebrating Hari Raya among family members to curb Covid-19 appreciated

Datuk Seri Ang Lai Soon (File Photo).

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KUCHING, May 10: Muslims are making a huge sacrifice by celebrating Hari Raya only among their family members to ensure Covid-19 does not spread, since no one is safe until all are safe.

This is the view of social activist Datuk Seri Ang Lai Soon who stressed that Malaysia must learn from the experience of the Indian subcontinent and stop a catastrophe before it happens.

“We must act swiftly and decisively. What is happening in the Indian subcontinent must never be repeated elsewhere.

“By treating Hari Raya as a strictly family affair, confining it to a few in the family, is probably the biggest sacrifice Muslims are making again this year for everyone, to make sure that all, irrespective of where they pray, where they come from, where they live and who the parents are, are all safe. No one is safe until all are safe,” said Ang in a statement today.

He said with the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines which should be administered every day, every second counts so that herd immunity is achieved, and more lives can be saved, especially those who are on the frontlines.

The doctors and nurses and other medical personnel, staff of pharmacies, volunteers, essential services such as police, armed forces, fire and rescue personnel, the immigration team and the media, staff of eateries, supermarkets, the food riders, cleaners, the dust men and the teachers are all risking their lives so that others may be able to stay safe, he said.

“In this tumultuous world of great uncertainty and unrest, the people in our country can still observe and celebrate not only this great religious festival in peace, though in a new normal, but also we have developed the culture of living harmoniously with peoples of other beliefs and religions.

“Like many in our country, it is my firm belief we are able to set a good example to everyone that in spite of our multi-racial and multi-religious backgrounds, we are able to live together in relative peace and harmony.

“In pre-pandemic days, the members of the Muslim community in the country must be commended for welcoming people of other faiths to their homes to celebrate the end of Ramadhan,” said Ang. — DayakDaily