Alena Murang’s ‘Warrior Spirit’ music video bags award at Buenos Aires Music Video Festival 2021

Alena Murang's 'Warrior Spirit' music video won the Best World Music Video Award at the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival 2021.

KUCHING, Dec 17: Alena Murang’s ‘Warrior Spirit’ music video won the Best World Music Video Award at the Buenos Aires Music Video (BAMV) Festival 2021.

In a statement today, Alena expressed that she is proud of the whole team for the accomplishment.

“To think of the immensely challenging time that artistes have faced throughout the pandemic, yet still so many came on board to create this music video such as the film crew, the dancers, the stylists, and the band. Beautiful things can happen when we stick together,” she said.

Meanwhile, the director of the music video Sarah Lois Dorai said at Project Room, they believe in taking the smallest idea and giving it space to grow to its largest potential.

She pointed out that the contribution of every team member’s voice, skill, and creative talent on this music video has made what started as a plan to make a dance video turn into a visual statement of identity and culture.

“This win belongs to us all. We have been so blessed to have many people come alongside us, from our families, sponsors, creative partners, crew, dancers, musicians, fashion designers, and many more.

“At the end of the day, we at Project Room and Kanid Studio set out to tell the narratives of our culture to the world. And we could not have done it without you all. So for that, we thank you,” she said.

The video features Alena’s bandmates, Joshua Maran, Jonathan Wong Ketshin, Herman Ramanado and Jimmy Chong. All of them were instrumental in the creation of the track.

The track has no lyrics and is inspired by a folk tune that tells of a warrior watching the morning mist rising, coupled with influences from rock music.

The music video, co-produced by Kanid Studio and Project Room, is supported by CENDANA, Sarawak Tourism Board, and Sarawak Convention Bureau.

Murang’s music video “Midang Midang” was nominated for Best International Music Video (alongside Madonna) and won Best Styled Music Video at BAMV Fest 2020. It was also co-produced and directed by the same team.

In celebration, Alena will be releasing Warrior Spirit merchandise which will be available on

The Warrior Spirit also received other international recognitions, namely Best Asia & Pacific Music Video ― International Music Video Awards UK, Honorable Mention Best Costume ― International Music Video Awards UK, Special Jury Award ― Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Music Video ― Rome International Movie Awards Italy, Best Music Video ― New York International Film Awards, and Best Ethnographic Film ― New York International Film Awards.

It is also recognised in the Official Selection ― Bogotá Music Video Festival, Nomination Best Art Direction ― Austin Music Video Festival, Official Selection ― Lady Filmmakers Festival, Official Selection ― World Music Festival, Nomination Best Music Video ― Paris Art and Movie Awards, Nomination Best Editor ― Paris Art and Movie Awards, Silver Medal Winner (Best Concept) ― Global Music Awards, Silver Medal Winner (Best Music Video) ― Global Music Awards, and Best World Music Video ― Buenos Aires Music Video Festival. ― DayakDaily