Abdullah challenges Chong to show proof of Ukas spinning fake news

Abdullah Saidol

KUCHING, Oct 30: Corporate Affairs Assistant Minister Abdullah Saidol denies that Unit Komunikasi Awam Sarawak (Ukas) is the state government’s tool to spread fake news.

He challenged Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen to show proof of such allegation.  

“Such extreme attack against a Sarawak civil service department is deemed unethical and politically wicked. I challenge Chong to show a single thing that has been produced by Ukas that he construed as fake news,” said Abdullah in a statement today.

He added that Ukas has been set up to disseminate facts about Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS)-led state government to the people.

“Ukas was set up to merely disseminate the accurate and real facts about many initiatives by the GPS state government. Basically, Ukas is all about sharing the various development initiated and delivered by GPS state government.

“If Chong or any Sarawak Pakatan Harapan (PH) politicians found that any efforts or information published by Ukas to be ‘fake news’, then they are free to rebut or counter the so called ‘fake news manufactured’ by Ukas.”

Abdullah was responding to a partial video clip of Chong delivering a speech at DAP Sarawak Convention in Miri recently.

In the clip, Chong claimed that GPS has been wasting the people’s money by setting up Ukas “to do public communications” including spreading “fake news”.

Abdullah believed one of the reasons Chong made the statement was because GPS has been able to deliver all the good things for Sarawakians, whilst PH federal government failed to deliver anything impressive as promised during the 14th general election.

Meanwhile, on GPS’ political stance, Abdullah said the state ruling coalition had exited Barisan Nasional (BN) and “is genuinely the legitimate Sarawak government of the day”. 

He stressed that GPS never announced forming alliances with any parties.

“But when it comes to pursuing and defending Sarawak rights and interests, GPS government will stay firm and vigilant. That’s why the four local parties from Sarawak exit BN and it’s time for Sarawakians to believe that we are able to administer our own state and structure our destiny.

“Political hostility is definitely not GPS culture because this will lead to disharmony and chaos amongst the united people of Sarawak,” said Abdullah. — DayakDaily