A taste of Sibu corner coffeeshop’s massive ‘bian nv’ meat dumplings leaves one ‘hari-hari mau’

Sibu's 'bian nv' or meat dumplings.

By Ling Hui

SIBU, March 29: The massive meat dumplings served at Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant at Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, Taman Seduan here will surely leave you coming back for more.

“Never try never know, ‘sekali try hari-hari mau’ (try once and you’ll crave for it every day).” That’s what the locals said when recommending to the D’Drift 2023 team to have breakfast at this corner coffeeshop today.


The meat dumplings, known locally by the Foochow as ‘bian nv’, comes in several different flavours and colours: white (plain), dark (with soy sauce), red (with chilli sauce), and dark red (with both soy and chilli sauces).

In one serving of ‘bian nv’, you can get about eight enormous dumplings stuffed with pork.

And yet, such a huge portion is sold at only RM5 per standard bowl, unless you order a large one which costs RM6—a ringgit extra for a few more pieces.

According to the stall owner, they sold the same portion at only RM4 per bowl before the Covid-19 lockdowns and the subsequent pork shortage.

Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant in Sibu which is famous for their ‘bian nv’ and ‘kampua’ mee.
The stall owner busy preparing a steady stream of orders.

Other than the meat dumplings, the stall is also famous for its ‘kampua’ mee, another must-try local delicacy in Sibu. Soon Hock has been crowned by some as selling the best ‘kampua’ in Sibu.

For the record, the stall starts operating as early as 6.30am and closes when they sell out, which is usually by 12pm.

Soon Hock has been around town for about 40 years. Every morning except Tuesdays which is their off-day, the coffeeshop would be bustling with customers getting their fixes of ‘bian nv’ and ‘kampua’.

On certain days, especially during public holidays or festivals, there will even be locals standing around the coffeeshop, waiting for seated customers to finish and leave in order to get their tables.

Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant bustling with people as early as 7am today (March 29, 2023).

If you haven’t been to Soon Hock and tried their ‘bian nv’ or ‘kampua’ mee, look no further. Believe me, ‘sekali try hari-hari mau’. — DayakDaily