43yo woman dies after assaulted by husband in Batu Gong, Siburan

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KUCHING, Jan 25: A 43-year-old woman died, believed to be from injuries after she was assaulted by her husband at their rented home in Batu Gong People’s Housing Project (PPR), Siburan.

Padawan district police chief Superintendent Abang Zainal Abidin Abang Ahmad said the victim was beaten by her angry husband after he was kicked out on January 8 for refusing to work and frequently demanding money from the victim, who only sold kuih.

He stated that the victim was also seeking a divorce from the suspect.

“The result of the investigation found that the victim was beaten by the suspect on January 22 when the victim returned from spending the night at her neighbour’s house as she was afraid to sleep alone and feared that the suspect would return home.

“While on the way back, the victim was approached by the suspect who told her that he wanted to pick up his clothes from home and stated that he wanted to talk to the victim.

“While at home, the suspect is said to have pushed the victim in the living room, slapped both of her cheeks, and strangled her when she tried to fight back,” Abang Zainal Abidin said in a statement yesterday (Jan 24).

The suspect fled after learning that the victim had contacted their neighbour.

He added that the victim then returned to her family’s home in Kampung Panchor.

“As a result of the incident, the victim suffered bruises on both cheeks, pain in the left ear, and bruises on the neck.

“On January 23 at around 8pm, the victim complained of pain around her ear before suddenly experiencing convulsion in her hand. She became weak up and laid down in her sister’s arms,” he said.

The victim was confirmed dead after an examination by a medical officer who attended the scene after receiving a report at 9.48pm.

The victim’s body was then sent to the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) for an autopsy.

“Meanwhile, the suspect has been successfully arrested for further investigation,” Abang Zainal Abidin said. The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code. — DayakDaily