300 villagers forced to brave crocodiles for clean water

Johari Junaidi from Kampung Lajong has to rely on rainwater as there isn't any clean water supply to the village.

MIRI, Nov 20: Some 300 villagers from Kampung Lajong, Kuala Niah, about another hour from here, are demanding basic amenities such as clean water supply and better road access to the village.

The majority of them are farmers and fishermen and they have had to rely on water from the nearby Lajong River which is infested with crocodiles.

“Crocodiles are a threat to the security of the people along the Lajong River, near Kampung Lajong, Kuala Niah,” said Sarawak PAS commissioner Jofri Jaraiee.

Jofri said that the villagers had failed to get any positive response from the relevant authorities so they approached PAS for help.

He added the villagers also face difficulties during the dry season where limited clean water is available. The villagers can only rely on rainwater as the river water and well water is not so clean to drink.

In a press statement, Jofri also pointed out that a kampung resident is living in very poor conditions and is in dire need of a better house.

Johari Junaidi, a resident from Kampung Lajong is appealing for help as he lives in a dilapidated house.

Johari Junaidi, who has no permanent job, had complained to PAS that he had been applying for People’s Housing Programme (PPR) since 2009 but did not receive any response.

He wondered why only selected people received PPR assistance and questioned whether there was any favouritism at play.

Johari Junaidi, a resident from Kampung Lajong shows his kitchen which is in a dilapidated condition.

Jofri, who is also Miri PAS chief, urged the authorities and those concerned to take immediate action to address the problems faced by the residents of Kampung Lajong.

“Where is the millions of ringgit allocated by the government for rural projects? If there is already an allocation for rural projects, why should their village be marginalised from the development stream?” he asked, urging the authorities to look into the problems faced by residents immediately. — DayakDaily