200 households in rural Tatau to be connected to state power grid by 2021

Lightbulb. — DayakDaily.com file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

KUCHING, April 19: About 200 rural households in Tatau, Bintulu will be connected to the state electricity grid as part of Phase Two of the Rural Electrification Scheme.

The Ministry of Utilities in a press statement revealed Phase Two of the said scheme will connect Rumah Gima and also other longhouses in Tatau such as Rumah Bail, Rumah Rundi, Rumah Gundi, Rumah Baong, Rumah Asing, Rumah Jalong, Rumah Emi and Rumah Adam to the state electricity grid by 2021.

However, the ministry explained that consumer surveys and dialogue sessions with the residents, prior to physical work, are currently put on hold following the enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Meanwhile, the ministry also responded to an article in United Daily News on April 11 regarding the issue of no water and electricity being supplied to Rumah Gima.

The ministry disclosed the water supply project for Rumah Gima is currently 95 per cent completed and the project involves the laying of a pipeline from the existing water main along Jalan Kuala Tatau to Rumah Gima.

The ministry explained that the pipeline laying work has to be put on hold following the implmentation of the MCO and that both electricity and water supply projects for Tatau will resume after the MCO period ends and construction work is deemed safe to commence.

The ministry noted the earlier mentioned two projects are under the Projek Rakyat initiative by the Sarawak government.

The two projects are included under the water and electricity supply master plans, which aim to provide full coverage for Sarawak in respect of 24-hour electricity and clean water supply by the year 2025.

The ministry revealed that Phase Two of the Rural Electrification Scheme will provide residents in Tatau access to reliable, renewable and affordable electricity. — DayakDaily