194 individuals evacuated from Kampung Sinar Budi Baru, Kampung Segong due to floods

Residents in Kampung Sinar Budi Baru in the process of being evacuated by firefighters.

KUCHING, March 2: Following an overnight downpour, a total of 194 individuals from Kampung Sinar Budi Baru in Taman Desa Wira were evacuated due to flooding.

According to the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) Sarawak, the victims have been relocated at temporary evacuation centres (PPS) in Dewan R-Piang in Kampung Sinar Budi Baru and Dewan Masayarakat Stapok.

Simultaneously, in Bau, 64 individuals from Kampung Segong were also relocated to a PPS due to flooding and are now housed in Dewan Kampung Segong.

In Bintulu, a PPS center has been opened to accommodate 14 individuals whose homes were affected by strong winds yesterday (March 1).

Evacuees at the PPS centre at Dewan Sinar Budi.

Meanwhile, the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operation centre today reported that they received six calls as of 9.46am regarding the floods that have affected many areas in Kuching.

At the moment, rescue operations focusing on Kampung Sinar Budi Baru, which has been inundated by floodwaters.

The rise in water level cutting of road connectivity in Kampung Sinar Budi Baru.

As of 10:30 am, water levels in certain areas of Kampung Sinar Budi Baru are estimated to be two feet deep, while in other low-lying areas, the water is waist-deep, completely cutting off road connectivity.

The evacuation process for affected residents is ongoing, and all victims are being relocated to temporary evacuation centers (PPS) in Dewan Sinar Budi and Dewan Masyarakat Stapok. — DayakDaily