10-year Sarawak Gas Roadmap aims to realise full potential of State’s gas resources

A video screengrab showing the location of four gas hubs in Sarawak which would leverage on the State's natural gas resources under the Sarawak Gas Roadmap (SGR). Credit: Petros

KUCHING, Dec 14: The Sarawak Gas Roadmap (SGR) would guide Sarawak as it seeks to tap into the full potential of its abundant gas resources under Sarawak Vision 2030.

According to Petroleum Sarawak Berhad (Petros), the SGR which encompasses a 10-year period combines the potential of four strategic hubs leveraging the State’s natural gas as petrochemical feedstock and fuel for industrial sectors and power, enhancing Statewide utilisation of gas.

Energy security from the first gas hub located in Kuching is coupled with innovative resource use and green infrastructure so that economic growth and environmental responsibility will work in sync, to create value in manufacturing, recycling and renewable energy.

Meanwhile, the petrochemical hub in Bintulu will intensify its high value downstream activities, growing multiple value chains from advantage feedstock such as methanol converted into acetic acid.

Energy-intensive industries are centered at Samalaju where pioneer investors have already established operations and more have committed multi-billion dollar investments.

With cost-competitive access to gas and upstream byproducts, opportunities are available for ammonia production, hydrogen export, and a multitude of industrial applications, as Miri hub will provide greater access to energy and boost light industry, commercial, and residential uses.

“As Sarawak holds 50 per cent of Malaysia’s and 10 per cent of Asia Pacific’s natural gas reserves, we are seizing this window of opportunity to unlock greater value using this resource in the manufacturing and service industries along with diversifying the power generation mix with lower carbon footprint,” said Petros in a 4-minute video on SGR uploaded on YouTube on Nov 9, 2021. — DayakDaily