[VIDEO] Celebrate Gawai Dayak with a modern twist: Inaugural Harvest Fusion Festival takes Kota Samarahan by storm

The opening performance of the inaugural Harvest Fusion Festival (HFF) featured a collaborative effort between Baby Dream Machine, At Adau, and Borneo Cultural Troupe, who rocked the stage.

By Ashley Sim

KUCHING, May 19: Last night (May 18), amidst the vibrant ambience of La Promenade Mall’s outdoor car park in Kota Samarahan, the inaugural Harvest Fusion Festival (HFF) burst into life with an array of electrifying performances.

Baby Dream Machine, At Adau, Borneo Cultural Troupe, and Lock & Load took the stage, weaving a spellbinding tapestry of music and culture that left the audience in awe, setting an enchanting tone for the festivities ahead.


Offering an array of stalls brimming with delectable cuisine and artisanal crafts, alongside captivating stage performances, the festival beckons visitors daily from 5pm to 11pm until May 31.

Lock & Load took the stage by storm, delivering a dynamic performance showcasing their diverse range of songs.
The Harvest Fusion Festival (HFF) boasts a diverse array of culinary delights and beverages.
Pints of freshly poured Guinness draft.
Gigantic floats shaped like Guinness draft pints and bottles.

According to a press handout, HFF features a fusion of music, food, drinks, and entertainment and is marketed as a modern take on the Gawai festival.

It elevates the Gawai festival by blending tradition with contemporary trends.

“Our objective is to enhance the urban Gawai celebration by promoting inclusivity among diverse races and generations.

“This is achieved by embracing a fusion theme that extends beyond performances to encompass food and beverages,” said City Services Sdn Bhd (organiser) and CMD Sound and Light Professionals (co-organiser) in the press handout.

Two elderly individuals joyfully dance as Lock & Load takes the stage.
As the event draws to a close, the public enthusiastically joins in for a dance.

HFF also intends to launch the ‘Udah Makai Buai’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness about festival cleanliness and promote an environmentally friendly environment for the public.

“The Harvest Fusion Festival 2024 Gawai Countdown event, endorsed by Guinness and supported by Heineken Malaysia Berhad, will showcase a performance by At Adau on May 31, 2024.

“A notable highlight will be the ceremonial sealing of the ‘tuak’ jar, to be unveiled in 2025 to commence the HFF 2025 celebrations.

“This urban Gawai countdown represents a unique occurrence in this setting,” the press handout stated.

For more information on HFF, visit their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/harvestfusionfest. — DayakDaily