Van driver charged for chilling murder of 2 Indonesian women in Daro

The accused is escorted to the courtroom for his hearing.

SIBU, March 4: A 31-year-old man faces the gallows after he was charged with the murder of two Indonesian women at the High Court today.

Van driver, Ahmad Robin of an oil palm plantation in Daro, remained silent when the charge was read to him. He was charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code for the murder of Pandang Sarang at about 11am at the oil palm plantation on Feb 11, and Muli Laha at 11pm.

The other woman, Tene, who was also attacked by the accused, survived.


The accused was detained in Jalan Sentral Daro at 3.30 pm on Feb 12, while the bodies of the deceased were found at Dermaga RC Sungai Samong in Daro on Feb 12 and Feb 14.

The prosecution led by Deputy public prosecutor Dona Liyanna Sabariah Azmi immediately called the respective husbands of the two victims to give evidence.

Their evidence was urgently needed as they would be bringing the bodies of their wives to Indonesia for burial.

Sijaya, 50, who is the husband of Pandang, told the court through an interpreter that at about 7.20am on Feb 11, he was told by his wife that she was going out with Mulia and Tene in a car driven by the accused to Daro bazaar to buy daily necessities.

Sijaya, who has been the company oil palm harvester for three years, said he knew the accused by his nickname Salleh.

“Pandang brought along RM2,500. I knew this as I had earlier counted the money and passed it to her. She was then wearing a gold necklace and a gold earring,” he recalled.

The next morning at 7am he said he and Erro became worried over their safety as they had returned.

The duo went round the plantation looking for them but to no avail.

At about 12.30pm, they were informed by another van driver that the police had discovered the bodies of the two women.

“At 9.30am on Feb 17, I went to the mortuary of Daro Hospital to identify the body. She was still wearing the jewellery that I bought for her six months ago,” he said.

Erro Nyala, who is the husband of Muli, did not testify as he said he is still mentally disturbed by his wife’s death. — DayakDaily