Three-metre-long python caught red-handed in chicken coop

The captured python being handled by APM personnel.

MIRI, Oct 3: Despite regurgitating a chicken it had eaten earlier, a three-metre-long python failed to escape capture by a Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) team.

During the incident, which took place around 6.15am in Kampung Senandin Jaya, the reptile was discovered with a bulging belly coiled inside the chicken coop by a homeowner.

“This morning I heard my dog barking loudly. Feeling curious, I went to check my chicken coop in the backyard,” said the 50-year-old homeowner when describing the incident.

She was stunned to see the python inside her chicken coop and one of her chickens missing.

The woman immediately called up Miri APM for assistance and two Miri APM personnel were mobilised to the scene.

It took the responders less than 15 minutes to catch the python. — DayakDaily