Tamin rep slams brazen thieves who stripped Selangau multipurpose hall of ceiling fans, aircond, plastic chairs, fire hose

Various equipment and electrical appliances were stripped by thieves from the Selangau multipurpose hall.

SELANGAU, Jan 11: Tamin assemblyman Christopher Gira Sambang has expressed shock, sadness, and disappointment after electrical appliances including 12 units of wall fans, as well as other equipment and furniture, were stolen from the Selangau multipurpose hall.

The stolen items, as outlined in a police report filed by the Tamin Service Centre today (Jan 11), included air conditioner (4 units), portable aircond (2 units), ceiling air conditioner (1 unit), washroom door (2 units), plastic chairs (over 1,000 units), sockets (all gone), wiring (all gone), exit lights (all gone), Bomba fire hose (1 unit), water pump (1 unit) and main water valve (1 unit).

Nothing left where the ceiling fans used to be at Selangau multipurpose hall.

“I am absolutely shocked and saddened to learn about the thefts at Selangau multipurpose hall.

“This hall was completed about 10 years ago and managed by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development. However, it has been rendered unusable in the past two years due to many theft cases and the malfunctioning of various equipment during the last Pelugau youth programme,” he said in a statement today.

Formerly a hub for sports activities, social gatherings, and major events, the hall’s deteriorating condition has forced local activities to be held at the SJK Tong Ah hall.

In response to the situation, Gira has allocated RM150,000 from the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) fund to upgrade the hall’s facilities to ensure it can properly function.

The Selangau multipurpose hall used to be a hub for sports activities, social gatherings and other major events.

He has also proposed transferring the responsibility for maintaining the hall to the Selangau District Office.

“I have suggested that this hall be handed over to the Selangau District Office to look after and maintain it. Unfortunately, the proposal has yet to receive any response from the ministry.

“For me, this is a waste of government resources as the facility is not benefiting the people in need,” he emphasised.

Expressing concern for the community, Gira urged the ministry to take swift action to restore the hall for the benefit of the people of Selangau.

He hoped that those responsible for the thefts will face appropriate consequences. — DayakDaily