SUPP women chief calls for Raya, Gawai Dayak celebrants to skip house visiting this year

Kho Teck Wan

KUCHING, Apr 22: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) women called on Muslim and Dayak communities to celebrate in small and private ways this year to ensure the safety of their families.

In what she predicted would be her “least popular post”, women chief Kho Teck Wan stressed that safety comes first until a vaccine for Covid-19 can be found.

“If you love your family, forgo Raya and Gawai visit this year. Bake only one cake, eat with your family members.


“No need to bake for guests, close your door, save your money. What is the point of celebrating just to mourn the death of the loved one later?

“I asked for your understanding my fellow Sarawakians. Life is so precious. We can always have a big celebration later,” said Kho in a statement today.

Kho also expressed her objections against the government’s decision to allow container and baking supply stores to operate in view of Hari Raya and Gawai Dayak festive season.

She believed that following the opening of these stores, the food produced and sold will attract people to buy and bake.

“I am against the government allowing the open of container and baking supply stores in view of the coming of Raya and Gawai festive seasons.

“It is not about the stores opening, it is the consequence of making lots of good food, which naturally followed by the urge to invite people over to enjoy it,” said Kho. —DayakDaily