Son’s quick thinking saves his mother from 3 intruders

Policemen at the scene.

By Jaythaleela K

MIRI, Nov 5: A housewife had a frightening experience yesterday morning when three intruders broke into her house in Piasau and one of them pointed a knife at her.

The dangerous episode happened around 11am, and the armed intruders were believed to be foreigners, based on their physical appearance.


Fortunately, for the housewife, her teenage son was at home then.

“My son immediately called the police, and he managed to grab hold of a machete and brandished it at the men,” she said

It was believed that the housewife also managed to grab several bricks and hurled them at the suspects, who fled the scene.

“One suspect was using a very rusty, old bicycle,” she recalled.

Policemen rushed to the house shortly after the alarm was raised. — DayakDaily