SMK Sacred Heart gets ready to reopen

Teo (second left) with his teachers involved in the preparation work.

By Gerald Lawson

SIBU, June 5: As schools nationwide get closer to reopening, those here are getting ready to comply with the standard operating procedures set by the Education Ministry.

Though no date has been decided for school reopening, most schools are not taking chances by doing a last minute rush to get their facility ready.

SMK Sacred Heart is no exception. It is ready for its reopening under the new normal.

Said its principal David Teo, “We have started doing the necessary preparation on May 27 which involves our senior assistants, teachers and supporting staff.”

Their work is almost complete except with few more touches here and there.

Teo said as his school has a large student population of 1,300 people, their preparation work is heavier and takes a longer time.

“Let’s assume that school will reopen in early July, by then we will be fully ready. What we have yet to do now is to ensure social distancing in classrooms. We will be doing it soon,” he said.

His school facilities are now SOP compliance as a result of the hard work by his team.

‘We have two entrances ready, one near the school gate and the other at the canteen where the taking of body temperature and the provision of hand sanitiser are there for students, staff and visitors,”  he said.

No students can get to their classroom without going through all these SOP.

Explaining, he said in the canteen for example, social distancing will be strictly observed. Masking tapes have been put in place on the floor with one metre in between them.

The canteen entrance where visitors’ body temperature will be taken and names recorded.

“Students and teacher buying canteen food will have to stand one metre apart according to the masking tape. The tables will also have masking tape to direct where students should sit,” he added.

The school has three thermometers but owing to its large student population, it was planning to get more units.

Meanwhile SMK St Elizabeth has also geared itself for the reopening.

Principal, Clement Chieng said priority however is given to implementing safety measures.

“Social distancing measures will be implemented. All students will have to sit one metre apart. We will also make sure that all students wear face masks.

“Besides that they will be scanned for fever before they are allowed to enter their class,” he said.

The school would also be disinfecting the classrooms so as to make sure they are safe for all students. -DayakDaily