SMC urged to reinstate option to receive assessment rate bills via post

Ling hopes SMC and Sarawak Energy can provide options for senior citizens to receive their bills via post.

SIBU, Nov 5: While Sibu Municipal Council’s intention to implement e-billing of assessment rates may be good, the move is causing problems for some senior citizens.

Sibu MP Oscar Ling said today that he has received complaints and reactions from the public that older people are finding it difficult to adapt to the council’s e-billing system, causing them to miss paying their assessment rates and incurring late fees.

“The people think that the council should provide options so that those who do not know how to use electronic services can continue to receive the physical bill sent to their homes so that elderly people will not forget to pay their assessment rate,” he said.


Ling believed that the people’s demands are reasonable but not excessive, and hoped that SMC can reconsider providing the option of sending physical bills to their homes.

“The council can even charge for postage, and I believe the people will agree to pay the postage,” he added.

Ling noted that some government departments are moving their services online, including agencies such as Sarawak Energy Berhad (Sarawak Energy).

Senior citizens, he said, who are not familiar with electronic technology are unable to adapt.

“They often pay late and have their electricity supply interrupted. As a result, you have to pay extra to reconnect power,” he said.

Ling said that he has reported the matter to Sarawak Energy, but it has not yet made improvements to what he had reported. — DayakDaily