SMC issues 8 compounds to food premises in Medan Mall, Taman Rejang

Enforcement officers inspecting an eatery as part of the operation.

SIBU, Nov 16: The Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) conducted an inspection operation in the commercial areas of Medan Mall and Taman Rejang, resulting in the issuance of eight compounds to non-compliant food premises.

SMC deputy chairman, Councilor Mohammed Abdullah Izkandar Roseley disclosed that among the eight compounds issued, four were for offenses related to expired pedestrian permits and the absence of permits.

Additionally, two compounds were issued for the failure to display a license in the premises, while another two were for offenses related to an expired license and operating without a council license.

“In that operation as well, we have issued a Cleanliness Notice to one of the premises,” he added.

Izkandar stated that the inspection, focusing on license and permit compliance for food premises, occurred at 7pm.

Councilor Richard Ting, the Chairman of the Public Health Standing Committee, and his deputy Councilor Hua Hua Yiing led the operation. Other enforcement members also participated.

“During the inspection, a total of 13 food premises in the two areas were inspected, of which eight failed to comply with the existing rules and laws, while another was given a warning notice,” Izkandar added. — DayakDaily