Sibu MP urges S’wak govt to build cancer treatment facility, public willing to donate land

Oscar Ling

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By William Isau

SIBU, Sept 19: The Sarawak government has been told to consider the urgent needs of the people and build specialist hospitals in different areas to promote regional development.

“With such facilities, it will be more convenient for the people, including reducing their burden of having to go to Kuching for specialised medical services,” said Sibu MP Oscar King in a statement today.

Ling said that Sarawak General Hospital and private hospitals in Kuching already offer more comprehensive cancer treatment services.

However, it is a different scenario in Sibu as both government hospitals and private hospitals region are facing the dilemma of lack of cancer treatment services.

“With a population of hundreds of thousands in Central Sarawak, there is an absolute need to build a cancer hospital to treat patients,” he stressed.

Ling also suggested a cancer hospital be built in Sibu as this would not only solve the lack of such services at Sibu Hospital but also serve as a cancer treatment and research centre in Sarawak.

He pointed out that radiotherapy services at not available in Central Sarawak and locals have to go to Kuching for treatment.

“Patient treatment takes a long time, often taking several weeks, and the fees and accommodation costs are a huge expense for low-income families, which many families often cannot afford,” he added.

Ling said someone is willing to donate land for the construction of such hospital.

“I am very grateful to those who are willing to donate land. It also reflects that Sibu people are very concerned about this issue. So the government should take this opportunity to build the hospital,” he said.

He pointed out that the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment at Sibu Hospital is aging and problems may occur from time to time, affecting the diagnosis of patients.

“A few days ago, the director of Sibu Hospital mentioned to me the issue of the aging magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.
He said that the Sarawak Heart Centre had actually donated an MRI machine. The machine is currently in Singapore. Just need to upgrade the facilities and funds to place the machine at Sibu Hospital,” he added.

The Ministry of Health, Ling said, has approved funds to upgrade and install the machines under the fourth rolling plan under the 12th Malaysia Plan.

If this plan goes well, it will be implemented in 2024. — DayakDaily