Second Trunk Road: New Btg Sadong Bridge-Sebuyau road to start construction soon

Aidel (seated centre), Rodiyah (on his right) and others photographed at Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri in Kampung Pendam, Sadong Jaya on May 6, 2023.

By Nur Ashikin Louis

SADONG JAYA, May 6: A new dual carriageway road cutting straight from Batang Sadong Bridge to Sebuyau under Second Trunk Road (STR) project will start construction soon.

Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Port Development (Infrastructure Development) Aidel Lariwoo said the road package had been tendered and would be awarded to the selected contractor.

“Meanwhile, another stretch from Batang Samarahan Bridge to Batang Sadong Bridge with a length of 21km is in the tendering process,” he told reporters after hosting a Majlis Ramah Mesra Aidilfitri programme for the Sadong Jaya constituency at Warisan Hall in Kampung Pendam today.

Aidel, who is also Sadong Jaya assemblyman, explained that the STR project is a shorter route, sandwiched between the Coastal Road Network and Pan Borneo Highway.

Once completed, the new expressway will reduce the travelling distance between Kuching and Sibu to only 225km, compared to 312km via the Coastal Road Network and 400km via the Pan Borneo Highway.

Additionally, the distance between Kuching and Betong will be reduced to only 142km, compared to 246km via the Pan Borneo Highway.

The shorter distance to Betong will be achieved by leveraging the existing Coastal Road Network to Sebuyau, where the STR will link between Samarahan to Betong via Lingga through Package B1 and B1A, connecting via the existing Lingga-Sri Aman road (which will also be rehabilitated under the Second Trunk Road Programme) to the new Batang Lupar Bridge No. 2 under Package B3 and the connecting road to Betong Interchange at Pan Borneo Highway under Package B4.

The Sarawak government will also construct and complete the Ulu Paku-Ulu Kota Link Road, approximately 12.2km long, and upgrade about 20km of existing Ulu Paku road as part of the STR alignment that will provide a shorter alternative route for settlements within the hinterland of Ulu Paku region to Sri Aman-Sarikei, Betong Town, and other areas beyond.

“Previously, when the federal government planned the Pan Borneo Highway project, the road did not connect to the coastal areas, which explained why we have requested the Sarawak government to create the route for those residing in the coastal areas,” Aidel added.

Progress of Second Trunk Road project as of May 6, 2023. Photo credit: MIPD

On the breakdown of the STR project worth RM5.580 billion (revised), there are 20 packages, with six currently undergoing construction and 14 still under the pre-contract stage.

The six packages under construction are Package A4 on the construction of the Batang Saribas Bridge; Package A5, involving a stretch from Batang Saribas Bridge to Roban Interchange; Package B1, involving the Sebuyau-Lingga stretch (excluding Sungai Lingga Bridge); Package B1A on the construction of Sungai Lingga Bridge; Package B3 involving Batang Lupar Bridge No.2; and Package B4 involving a stretch from Batang Lupar Bridge 2/Sri Aman to Betong Interchange.

Amongst those present were Aidel’s wife, Dayang Ernie Awang Hashim, Batang Sadong MP Rodiyah Sapiee, Sadong Jaya District Officer Rais Ahmat, Temenggong Chek Bujang, and Ministry for Infrastructure and Port Development (MIPD) Sarawak’s permanent secretary Chiew Chee Yau. — DayakDaily