Search ongoing after empty boat found on Sungai Terkalit

Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia

SONG, Oct 11: A 41-year-old villager Seli Gong was reported missing after he failed to return to the longhouse from a trip to get prayers stuff and the farm yesterday (Oct 10).

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Song station has dispatched eight personnel led by Nasihin Jaum to Sungai Terkalit, Song where Seli’s empty boat was found drifting down the river, after receiving a report at 10.30am.

According to victim’s brother-in-law, Seli and a fellow villager took the boat and went to Rumah Enda Nanga Sepayang Tekalit at 7am yesterday to get prayer stuffs and proceeded to the paddy farm after.

Before departing Nanga Sepayang, villagers had warned him not to go back if he was too drunk but the advise was ignored.

Not too long after, a villager from Nanga Latong, who discovered an empty boat drifting down the river, quickly informed villagers of Rumah Changgai and raised the alarm.

The villagers immediately started a search operation but the victim is yet to be found.— DayakDaily