SDEC introduces DiVA programme providing RM150K grant to empower technology startups

A group photo of SDEC with startup teams during the launch of the DiVA programme.

KUCHING, April 13: Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC), a leading organisation in promoting innovation and digital transformation in Sarawak, is proud to announce the launch of its accelerator programme, Digital Village Accelerator (DiVA).

According to a SDEC press release, the programme aims to jumpstart technology startups in Sarawak, by providing them with the necessary funding and resources to scale their businesses.

“SDEC is collaborating with NEXEA, a startup investment company that specialises in supporting and funding technology companies.


“This six-month accelerator programme is designed to provide grants, mentorship, and other benefits to innovative and scalable tech startups, with the goal of accelerating their growth and maturity, as well as securing potential investments at the end of the programme,” the press release stated.

DiVA has recently shortlisted their Top 5 startups that will be joining the programme mid-April, namely, EB Tech, Migratesafe, The Learning Curve, Hexabyn Technologies, and Entomal Biotech.

“The programme will provide the startups above with grants of up to RM150,000, potential investment from NEXEA for up to RM250,000, potential follow-on funding of up to RM1,000,000, and potential funding from startup ecosystem partners,” SDEC highlighted.

Furthermore, SDEC mentioned that the DiVA programme offers startups the opportunity to work with industry experts who will provide guidance, support, and knowledge to help them grow and succeed.

“This will enable startups to access networks and partnerships that will help them gain traction in the market and scale their businesses,” it said.

DiVA has partnered with EduClaas to support the growth of the startups by ensuring that startups get the most out of the programme, and that the strategic partnership will provide startups with the necessary strength and resources allowing them to seize opportunities in the tech industry.

In addition to strategic partnerships, DiVA will bring top-tier investor mentors such as James Graham, Alan Lim, Ryan Soo, and Dato Patrick Liew, who will share their professional knowledge and skills to help develop the business.

SDEC encourages organisations who are interested in partnering with the DiVA programme to reach out and explore potential collaboration opportunities, joint ventures and sponsorships which ultimately elevate innovation and growth of Sarawak ecosystem.

To learn more about the Digital Village Accelerator programme, please visit — DayakDaily