Satok Ramadan Bazaar in full swing on first day of fasting, features 95 stalls

Ibrahim (right) distributing caps and t-shirts to vendors participating at the Satok Ramadan Bazaar on the first day of the breaking of fast.

KUCHING, March 23: The first day of the Satok Ramadan Bazaar looks encouraging, with brisk business for many of the stall operators there, says Satok assemblyman Dato Ibrahim Baki.

He said people from all walks of life are coming out to patronise the bazaar after the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to the bazaars for a time.

“There are many choices of traditional cakes, pudding, fritters, savoury meat and seafood dishes and local assorted drinks for those breaking the fast on the first day of Ramadan,” Ibrahim told reporters after officiating at the opening of the Satok Ramadan Bazaar at the Satok commercial area today.


“I hoped the spirit of Ramadan in Sarawak would not see only the Muslims coming out to buy food for the breaking of their fast at a bazaar like this, but also other races.

“Today I saw Chinese, Iban and Bidayuhs browsing the stalls. It is good to see our culture of living in harmony at a bazaar like this,” he enthused.

Ibrahim also assured that the food vendors had prepared their food hygienically, and their participation at the Ramadan bazaar was closely scrutinised by the Kuching City North Commission (DBKU) before being approved to set up their stalls there.

“We also want the vendors to be as hygienic as possible and not to inflate their food and drink prices,” he said.

“These vendors were repeat participants from last year and a few additions. So don’t worry about them as they are experienced,” he said.

This year, DBKU has provided 95 stalls at the Satok Ramadan Bazaar with 71 drinks, 20 food and four barbeque stalls. — DayakDaily