Sarawakians hoping for State polls to be held, claims youth leader of business association

Tay (in yellow) speaking to members of the public during a walkabout at Kota Sentosa today (Nov 9, 2021).

KUCHING, Nov 9: Sarawakians are looking forward to the Sarawak Election to be held but in a safe and smooth manner.

In a statement, Federation of Chinese Association in Kuching, Samarahan and Serian Youth treasurer Aaron Tay said he had received much feedback that the public are hoping the State election could be held safely and a new government would be elected smoothly without a major Covid-19 outbreak or untoward incidents.

“Since the Emergency Proclamation had ended, we need to face the election. Hence, the most important thing to do now would be ensuring a smooth and safe election. We can’t afford to put our lives and our livelihoods at risk.


“We hope the next State government can focus on saving businesses and livelihood as well as economic recovery. It has been nearly two years since we have been impacted by Covid-19. Everyone is eager to regain a sense of normalcy,” said Tay, who is also a businessman.

Apart from that, he said the government should also address the issue of Covid-19 booster doses where some eligible recipients are hesitant to receive the additional dose despite its purpose being to provide optimal protection against the coronavirus.

Tay said the government and relevant authorities must continue to identify and resolve issues on the ground to uphold public trust and confidence.

“While the (caretaker) government is preparing for the upcoming State polls, it is important to have an ear to the ground, especially when Sarawak is not out of the woods yet with the pandemic.

“This will also help the government in formulating workable and successful solutions, plans and policies,” he said. — DayakDaily