Sarawak transport minister welcomes Scoot’s inaugural Singapore-Sibu flight

Lee receiving an aircraft model from Scoot representative Agatha Yap at the function.

By William Isau

SIBU, June 5: The commencement of Scoot’s Singapore-Sibu sector means tourists, especially Singaporeans, have more choices as to local destinations to visit.

According to Transport Minister Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin, these tourists could now choose from Kuching, Sibu or Miri as their point of arrival.


“In Sibu, you (tourists) can engage in nature, visit longhouses, and sample local foods such as kompia, mee sua (long life noodles) and kampua mee. You can also come back more often with Scoot also flying to Kuching on a daily basis and Miri four times a week,” he said today.

Welcoming Scoot’s Singapore-Sibu inaugural flight today, Lee said this new route opens up a myriad of opportunities for Sarawakians and Singaporeans alike.

“For our local entrepreneurs and businesses, it provides a gateway to expand and explore new markets. For tourists, it offers a direct path to discover the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty of Sarawak,” he added.

The partnership with Scoot, he said, is set to further drive exponential growth of visitors from Singapore travelling here to experience Sarawak’s best offerings.

Lee stressed that the Singapore sector is important as the republic serves as a crucial hub connecting Sarawak to the world due to its strategic location and advanced infrastructure, and its well-established air routes provide efficient links to major global markets, enhancing Sarawak’s economic and cultural connectivity.

“We hope that with this new route, many more Singaporeans and people from around the globe will embark on a journey of discovery here in Sarawak,” he added.

Scoot flies from Singapore to Sibu thrice weekly on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Flights departs Singapore at 5.25am and arrive at 7.50am.

Lee also said that he had requested Scoot to reschedule the flight time of 5.25am as passengers find it inconvenient.

“They will probably change the time in the next slot,” he added. — DayakDaily